We create Facebook videos that can generate millions of views & hundreds of thousands of leads and purchases using “Social Alchemy.” 

Just one video received 55+ million views, 244k likes, 691,547 shares and 79k Comments. Not everyone of our videos gets millions of views but collectively, we get more than 1 billion views on all our videos per month across our network of more than 200 Facebook pages. We are experts not only in generating traffic but also in converting traffic into leads and then to customers.

Online Marketing is like the Matrix.

It is a whole different world, but you can still win.

Welcome to the world of marketing online. Whether you have an offline business or online business, online marketing has the potential to send you tons of customers but it has many challenges. The first challenge is to stand out among millions of products and services pitched online.  The best differentiator is YOU. Yes YOU. Then your product or service.  Your potential customers want to know that you are for real. Your authenticity, your sincerity, your passion for your product or service, your explanation of your product and service.  Those are the things your potential customers want to hear and see.  The question is how to present YOU to the world in the right way. Marketing YOU and your products or services requires the following 3 skillsets working in harmony.  You may have tried to learn them through online courses but they are rather difficult to learn.  Even if you learn these skills, you may not have time for implementing them because you are busy with your core business.

Social Media Marketing

You need to market yourself and your product at least on Facebook. It takes tremendous amount of expertise to generate significant traffic from understanding Facebook algorithms to creating the right content.

Video Production

Videos are absolutely essential for marketing yourself as well as your products on Facebook marketing.  Writing, filming and editing videos that are optimized for Facebook are skills not even traditional video production companies have. You also need videos on your landing pages to convert visitors into leads and then to customers.

Funnel Website Production

99% of websites are information websites and shopping carts but not a sales automation tool. A funnel website is a special website that works like a salesperson.  It collects leads, sends automated emails and converts leads into customers. Most web designers do not have a clue about a funnel website production.

Imagine a Complete DFY (Done For You) Online Marketing Service

 Social Media Marketing Traffc Generation +
Video Production +
Funnel Website to Convert Traffic Into Leads and Customers
You Marketing System renders all three services-Social Media Marketing, Video Production and Funnel Website Production as DFY and one stop. This means you dont have to take numerous online courses and you don’t have to hire social marketer, web designer and video producer and somehow manage them to make the whole thing work. This type of DFY, one stop marketing, video production and funnel website building service has never existed before and you are not only saving massive amount of time but also massive amount of money.


You Marketing System took care of the entire marketing process and generated more than 1 million views and significant sales and leads.


Co-founder, The Vitamin Patch

You Marketing System created videos optimized for organic traffic on Facebook Page Health Hacks for Busy People.  These videos just used Krislyn’s audio and we created the video footage and text animation based on the audio.

Synthetic Vitamins

Your vitamins are likely to be harming your health or at most do nothing. Here is why.You can get naturally sourced vitamins here

Posted by Health Hacks For Busy People on Friday, September 1, 2017

We also filmed Kryslin and created a Facebook based on that footage.

Posted by Health Hacks For Busy People on Sunday, August 13, 2017

You Marketing System promoted the videos on Facebook using Social Alchemy. Four Facebook videos generated more than 1 million views and a significant number of leads and sales.

You Marketing System created the funnel website for capturing emails, converting leads into customers with highly optimized sales page and payment page.














YOU Marketing System is a powerful tool in the hands of Network Marketers.

A network marketer like West Benson shown above can brand himself and share his authentic self on social media and empower him to build a team through social media, rather than relying solely on belly to belly marketing. Network marketing perhaps more than any other industry requires you to sell yourself before you sell the product.

YMS FOR ONLINE COURSE CASE STUDY: Shawn Achor Online Course Marketing

You Marketing System created videos optimized for organic traffic on Facebook Page The Art & Science of Happiness
You Marketing System created a sales landing page to convert the Facebook traffic into customers.
YouMarketingSystalso built a full online course with LMS (Learning Management System) and also produced the video.


I’ve been trying years to build my brand online and it has been very challenging if not nearly impossible.  You Marketing System makes it so easy. Toney Freeman

For 20 years in direct selling, we’ve been trying to market ourselves online and it seemed all too confusing. You Marketing System just took care of the whole thing. The Wilodson's

You Marketing System is pure magic. It has taken my life coaching to another level Brandon Hawk

More than a million views on my Fcaebook videos and getting massive sales and leads seem miraculous to me. I don’t know how they do it but it works. Kryslin Adair

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